Time Guardian Hardware Support Is Required on all Hardware Terminals

Hosted Time Guardian Hardware Support

Required Hardware Support
Time Guardian Online requires hardware support for each Amano time clock terminal used in your system. Hardware support provides coverage for any time clock terminal issues that may occur provided the failure is due to defects in material or workmanship. This is like having a lifetime warranty on your terminals. (active hosted account required)

Replacement Clock
If your clock fails, Amano will send a replacement unit to you within two business days. This no-hassle exchange minimizes down time and eliminates the need to send your unit for repair. The defective unit will need to be returned to the Amano factory in Loveland Ohio.

Unlimited Toll-Free Telephone Support
If you have any questions with the operation of your time clock, you will have unlimited access to a trained factory support representative via our toll-free support number. Our US based support team is available 8:15 to 5:00 Est. Monday – Friday.